Nicky Farmer

Are you going on holiday?
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My services:

administering insulin injections

I am trained in animal care and can administer injections such as insulin if your pet requires it.

All of us love escaping from life for a few days, but sometimes we can't if our loved-ones require injections. While you're away, I can administer these injections personally to ensure your pets are well.

regular walks

If you have a dog, it'll get 3 woodland off lead walks a day, making sure your dog has a great day with lots of exercise.

Many people overlook how beneficial exercise is to your pets health as well as yours! I make sure your dog gets out and about several times each day, keeping it fit and healthy whilst enjoying the outdoors!

working every day of the year

I work every day of the year, and will always be available to look after your pet!

No matter when you want to go on holiday, I will be able to look after your pet without fail! I even cover the public holidays including Christmas and Easter breaks.

boarding available to pets

I also offer a boarding service! Many animals prefer to be in the company of other pets when their owners are away.

For longer stays I offer a boarding facility so your pets can be settled into one place for an extended period - still being cared for, exercised and any medicines given where needed.

taking care of your home

As well as pet sitting, I also ensure that your home seems 'lived in' rather than empty while you're away.

By collecting your post from your doorstep and opening/closing curtains, I can deter potential burglars and thieves as they aren't aware your property is empty!

giving pets medical products

Unfortunately, if our pets are unwell, we are required to stay at home to make sure they are okay.

With the pet sitting service I offer, I will make sure your pets are looked after and receive the medicine they need to help keep them healthy while you're away.